Google AdSense Explained

The Google AdSense Program allows web publishers to serve text, image and video advertisements that are relevant to the site’s content they are displayed on. The AdSense Program helps to power Google’s AdWords Program, their popular advertising service. Using Google AdWords, advertisers can get their website ads to display above the top organic search results. Google earns up to 96% of it’s revenue from the Google AdWords Program and that’s over over fifty billion dollars in revenues consistently for the past several years. AdWords is perhaps the most powerful advertising tool available today! it allows you to deliver your ads to the top of the search results, display them on Blogger sites, on YouTube videos, on Mobile Apps etc. You can set your advertising budger and take advantage of their powerful reporting tools that help you get the most out of the service.

In a nutshell, members of the Google AdWords program purchase ads on sites relative to the product or service they are advertising. Members of the Google AdSense program display these ads via some JavaScript code provided by Google and are given a percentage of the advertising revenue when these ads are clicked by their website visitors. Together these two programs work together hand in hand to deliver the most powerful online advertising platform.

AdSense has long been the preferred method of website monetization by webmasters all around. AdSense Publishers can link their Google Analytics account to their Google AdSense account, doing this helps improve your advertising statistics and reporting. Webmasters are allowed to display up to a total of three AdSense units per webpage. To learn more about the Google AdSense Program or to apply for an account today, visit the official Google AdSense website, here.